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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Slaying Dragons

Takes a lot of work. I'm seeing my physical therapist again. At first she thought it might be a lower back thing, but right on time, my hip really started acting up. While it hasn't shown up on the MRI, there is a possibility of what's called a labral tear in the hip joint. Which means more physical therapy, but I've been tentatively scheduled for exploratory surgery where they will check for the tear with a scope and if there is one, they can fix it.

It was hard talking to the surgeon. Okay, it was intimidating. I thought I was prepared, but darned if I didn't feel like a little girl when the appointment happened. Fortunately, it was a joint appointment and my orthopedic doctor stayed behind to talk with me. Unforunately, the pain the physical therapy and increased activity has stirred up isn't going away anytime soon. But I've dealt with flares before and can almost see a clearing ahead, where all the dragons are gone and while my hip may never be the same, perhaps the pain will be gone or reduced.

I like to think that there are things I can do again after this is fixed. Things that I can do in limited amounts now or pay the consequences. Like dance, walk, run, aerobics. We'll wait and see though. After all, the last dragon could be the one to swallow me whole.


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